Interpoint MFK Series 25W DC/DC Converters
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November 7, 2017 - IXYS/Colorado

accounced the PCO-7121; a compact

and economical OEM pulsed current

laser diode driver module. It is designed

to provide extremely fast high-current

pulses for driving laser diodes in

rangefinder, LIDAR, atmospheric

communications and other applications

requiring high-current nanosecond

pulses. This module offers variable

output current from 5 A to 50 A with pulse

widths from 22 ns to 1 µs at frequencies

up to 1 MHz.

October 12, 2017 - IXYS Integrated

Circuits Division Introduces High Current

MOSFET Power Solid State Relay

(SSR)… the CPC1705Y, a 60V, DC-Only

Power Relay, Ideal for a Variety of High

Performance Reliable Switching


November 9, 2017 - ConTech, a Division of

Calex Mfg., announces the DRF series of

chassis mount DC/DC converters. The DRF

Series offers 40 Watts of output power in an

encapsulated case, making it well suited for

ruggedized backplane applications. The

optional Din-Rail mount and easily

accessible terminal blocks gives it the

versatility to be used as a power solution in 

a large assortment of applications. 

Contech DRF Series DEI  PCO-7121 IXYS CPC1705Y